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In 2014, the National Space Technology Strategy (NSTS) and Space Innovation and Growth Strategy (IGS) stressed the need for a low-cost domestic launch vehicle in the UK. The development of such a launcher would release the potential of the UK Space Industry and solidify the UK as a global leader in this sector. The current largest obstacle faced by the industry is affordable and reliable access to space. The miniaturisation of technology has created a boom in the small satellite market. The UK has emerged as one of the leading producers of satellites. Unfortunately the UK is currently dependent on other governments and international companies to get these satellites into operational orbits.

"Access to space is a barrier to growth for UK companies as well as a commercial opportunity. The ability of UK companies to secure timely launch slots is decreasing and launch costs are increasing, particularly for satellites to low Earth orbit (around 80% of all satellites)." IGS 2014-2030 Space Growth Action Plan

Tranquility Aerospace Ltd has been working to remove this dependence by building the UKs first reusable small satellite launch vehicle. The demonstrator Devon Zero is providing proof of concept and verification of key technologies in the Devon rocket series. The Devon One is a low cost reusable launcher which will be both a suborbital vehicle and also the first stage of the Devon Two, the launch vehicle that is able deliver small satellites into low earth orbit.


If you want to get involved in a UK0based rocket, whether you are a student looking for a project or just a rocket enthusiast wanting to meet some great people, come join us at Harwell. Simply just email or call us.

Ray Bainbridge - CEO and founder

A prolific entrepreneur with investments in several emerging technology companies within the UK and Europe. Ray has been involved in engineering automation since 1975 and since 1999 has also acted as a manufacture and design consultant for several emerging and blue chip companies including Intelligent Energy, Bosch Rexroth, Festo, Coca Cola, Jacobs, Bentley, Cosworth, Ford, Pfizer, BioGen, Pharmadule, and Parker Hannifin.
Ray is a graduate of Brunel University with a B.Eng (hons) in Manufacture and Design and an MSc in Business Information Technology