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Reusable, efficient and low cost.

The Devon One is a reusable rocket with an A-to-A flight path or A-to-B flight path and is aimed at providing micro-gravity for scientific experimental research. The advantage of the Devon One is that experiments can be retrieved from the rocket after flight for further analysis or a later flight.

The Devon One is also a technology proving ground and first stage for the Devon Two.

  • Single Stage, sub-orbital VTVL
  • Reusable
  • 30Kg payload
  • Autonomous control systems
  • Orientation thrusters
  • Low pressure bladder fuel tanks
  • H2O2 pressure generator
  • Gimbal
  • A cluster of five 1KN thrusters as the Cornwall Engine, 50barG
  • H2O2/kerosene
  • Regenerative cooled main engine
  • Airbraking
  • Retractable landing gear